Language and Communication in Thailand


Thailand features a contemporary communications infrastructure. The postal service is more efficient, as will be your telephone system, and also the nation is amongst the top usage,rs from Asia of cellular phones as well as the net. Most organizations, government departments, media associations, and academic associations have well-organized the web sites in the Thai and English. Internet cafes are getting to be common, and many resorts and organizations have fax facilities.


Thailand includes two englishlanguage daily ราชภัฏ papers, both the Bangkok Post and The Nation, and some provincial towns today boast Language – language weeklies. There are many television stations, both private and state, broadcasting in Thai, however you can find a English sound track to your programs by pasting into certain wireless channels. Englishlanguage television apps will also be headquartered from satellite and many hotels have facilities for accessing them. By Asian standards that the Thai media is relatively free to express its opinions and recent government tries to muzzle it’s been ineffective. But a great communications infrastructure isn’t a guarantee of difficulty communicating. This chapter provides advice about just how best to interact successfully with Thais.

English in Thailand

A couple of years before, even though English was educated in schools, many Thais had few chances to practice their oral skills till they moved into study abroad. They heard to publish it and read it, although perhaps not to talk. English received a further boost as Thailand turned into a favorite tourist destination and also a regional centre for trade and global businesses. Yet another substantial element is that the rising number of overseas citizens. Now in Bangkok and the significant tourist areas English is widely spoken, together side other foreign languages, thanks to a smaller scope. But some of those English you come around is quite plain rather than necessarily comprehensible. From the rural areas- up-country,” because Thais make reference to it-English stops for considered a lingua franca.

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